This series of live talks is designed to help you to navigate the apocalyptic tenor of our contemporary world. Rather than presenting a dogmatic or doctrinaire conclusion about what is going on, or a self-help panacea for our psychological ills, we hope to identify and ask the relevant questions and suggest how you yourself might fruitfully engage with them.

 The Apocalypse and You -  15th October 2023 1pm-3pm BST

In this talk, we outline the problem. We consider the following: Why are we even talking this way? Is there indeed a looming apocalypse or are we prey to fear-mongering? What responses do we actually see to the discourses of doom? How are such ideas circulated? How does one discern which stories, if any, are trustworthy?

Negative Emotions, Positive Trauma - 22nd October 2023 1pm-3pm BST

In the second talk, we examine the ‘subjective’ aspects of apocalypse, concentrating on the so-called negative emotions of anger, fear, hatred and the condition of ignorance. We introduce the idea of ‘positive trauma’ and its role in intense spiritual experience.

How should life be lived? - 29th October 2023 1pm-3pm GMT

In Talk 3, we ask Soctrates’ root question, ‘How is life to be lived?’ and examine his contention that ‘an unexamined life is not worth living.’

Letting Be with Bright Awareness - 5th November 2023 1pm-3pm GMT

In this talk, we introduce the yoga discipline of ‘letting be with bright awareness’, and relate it to the questions we have engaged with in the previous talks.

Discussion 12th November - 2023 1pm-3pm GMT

Discussion and Q & A. [Each session will also have some time devoted to Q&A and discussion at the end.]

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Fee £20 / $25 for all talks.

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