audio talks on matters political, current affairs, spiritual, philosophical, yogic and psychonautical, hosted by heartyoga radio. [here is a sample - there is a lot more at heartyoga radio! the [The podcasts are free but you can sponsor us.] 
A CONVERSATION ON AWARENESS In this podcast, Anna Ingham and Pete Yates make a distinction between 'focussed awareness' and 'spacious awareness' and point out how it may be used by yogis, seekers, meditators and questioners of life to avail themselves of their intrinsic beatitude. [35 minutes. Free.]

TANTRA This short talk describes Tantra in general terms and is the first entry in our 'verbal glossary' which we hope will help listeners negotiate the vast field of spirituality. [5 minutes, Free.]

AHIMSA In this podcast, we add another term to our glossary: we discuss ahimsa or non-harming and how this can usefully be directed towards ourselves. [10 minutes. Free.]

THE MEANING OF LIFE IS LIFE This podcast has proved a favourite: we discuss the meaning of life and how usefully to understand this. [30 minutes. Free.]